About Us

Little Scholars Montessori & Children’s Village is an expansion of Little Scholar’s Montessori. Little Scholars started with offering just Montessori curriculum based programs which was a great joy and passion to working with the Montessori aged children. It is with this in mind that Little Scholars Montessori & Children’s Village emerged.

Little Scholars Montessori & Children’s Village is just that a renovated property built with young children in mind. Our centre provides the latest in Montessori educational opportunities, and offers a vast amount of extracurricular opportunities. The Montessori program provides your child with Kindergarten readiness skills that are required to be successful in a classroom with 20 other students. Our Montessori program maximum ratios are 8:1 this ensures your child is supported to excel to their full potential.
Many of the skills that the children will encounter are using scissors, controlled colouring, printing their name in proper form, science experiments, basic math instruction and much more.

The children’s centre or daycare program (Group Childcare 30 Months to school age) will follow a curriculum similar to that of the Montessori Method. The centre will offer a number of teachable opportunities including circle time, craft opportunities, free play swimming and an outdoor curriculum. Within the centre you will discover carefully planned “stations” that are set up to enhance your child’s learning opportunities; such as; pretend/ dress up, cognitive thinking through train sets, and car building structures, math centres that will encourage basic math skills such as sorting, patterns, number recognition. Overall, the children’s centre at the Village will engage your child to reach their maximum potential. Our Group Childcare program will be operated as an 8:1 ratio.

The Multi Age program will exceed your expectations! We will not be considered a drop off for children. At Little Scholars Montessori & Children Village we will engage your child in a loving and nurturing environment. We will seek out opportunities that will develop your child’s natural sense of wonder and curiosity. The carefully designed curriculum provides, a flexible routine to accommodate young children while offering a structured routine of outside time, crafts, reading and playing. This program will operate as 8:1 ratio, but with an assistant ECE in the program as well bringing the ratio down to 4:1

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