Early Education is taken very seriously here at Little Scholars Montessori &Children’s Village. A large majority of the equipment that you will find within the Village is educational based. They offer cognitive development, fine motor development and concentration skills. The equipment used at Little Scholars Montessori & Children’s Village is high quality and child durable material.

In the Early Learning classroom we have stations that the children move through with specialty designed Montessori and educational equipment. When Maria Montessori designed these materials she had education at a simple form in mind. The equipment not only teaches children but also offers a “play” component. The materials used, start with a teacher lead example and then allow for the child(ren) to continue as long as they are interested.

When a child reaches the mastery level of the equipment the teacher can then extend the activity to encourage further educational development. The Early Learning classroom also offers community field trips, Outdoor Education and swim lessons. These trips allow for a greater understanding of community and the environment around us. Little Scholars Montessori & Children’s Village is the only Early Learning centre that has a van to transport the children to additional educational opportunities.

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