At Little Scholars Montessori & Children’s Village we actively encourage the children to use their imaginations; express creativity and develop their socialization through carefully structured centres and games.

In Our Group Childcare 30 months to School age program centres are designed with play in mind. In this program we offer a variety of toys that encourage the children to work together and develop great social skills. Ms. Kelly, Ms. Adrienne and Ms. Kyla run a wonderful structured routine that includes an emergent curriculum, rest time, craft opportunities and daily outdoor activities.

In the Multi Age program Ms. Charlotte, Ms. Juyheon, Ms. Junnel & Ms. Dede have a carefully planned routine based on the needs of the children within their classroom. The toys offer stimulating visual and tangible clues that engage young minds. We offer a soft climbing structure to enhance the children’s balance and coordination. The shelf toys encourage play by actively engaging each child’s imaginations.

In the Montessori we have stations that the children move through with specially designed Montessori equipment. This equipment is designed to offer educational attributes while the children feel that it is playing with toys that challenge their cognitive abilities.

In the Montessori playtime is part of our daily curriculum. The children interact socially through co-operative games such as: snakes and ladders, train track building, go fish and a variety of other activities.

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